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General Swim

A fun swim for all ages. Floats and slides.

Lane Swim

A swim with 3 lanes available, fast, medium and slow.


Adult Swims

A swim for adults 18yrs+ only. One lane will be available.


Babies, Tots and Perinatal

A session for non-school age youngsters with a parent or family member or two, away from the boisterousness of a general session. This is a 1:1 ratio of parent to baby/tot. For all pregnant woman to provide them with a quieter session to relax and enjoy the health benefits of swimming during pregnancy.

Admissions Policy

  • 0-2yrs 1:1 responsible adult in the water aged 16+

  • 3-7yrs 3:1 responsible adult in the water aged 16+

  • 8-10yrs 6:1 supervised from poolside by an individual aged 18+

  • Over 10yrs can attend and swim unsupervised.

If there are any queries about this please contact us.

Tickets are not refundable and we are unable to move tickets to another day. Please ensure you book the correct session.

Children 10 years and under should be actively supervised at all times.

Any season ticket holders that repeatedly fail to attend their bookings may be restricted from further pre-bookings - season ticket bookings are NOT priority tickets

General Pool Rules

  • No alcohol allowed on premises

  • No smoking/vaping on premises

  • If own food/drink is brought onto the premises there must be no glass.

  • Own floats/toys may be brought in but it is at the lifeguard on duty's discrepancy.

  • If there is any antisocial behaviour lifeguards have the right to ask you and your party to leave.

  • Diving is only permitted on the back wall at the deep end (2m).

  • Flat/shallow dives ONLY.

  • No jumping/getting onto floats from the side.

  • Floats should not be stood on or stacked on top of each other.

  • Non-swimmers must not go past the centre line (this includes anyone relying on a flotation device or who cannot swim 25 metres in a competent stroke).

  • No floats/balls/toys to be taken down the slides.

  • Slides should be used facing forward, sat down. No exceptions.

  • Adults, non-swimmers and individuals wearing flotation devices are not permitted to use the big slide.

  • No photography is permitted in public sessions.

  • No running on poolside.

  • No bombing/flips/jumping in backwards.

  • No snorkels or snorkel goggles.

  • Admission policy rules must be followed at all times.

Lifeguard decision is final!




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